Leica Brand Accessories

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Leica shares the passion and love for photography with many people around the world. Throughout a history of success lasting more than 100 years, products distinguished by exceptional quality and reliability have fascinated and delighted a constantly increasing number of enthusiasts.

Today, the unique formal vocabulary of Leica design, highest-quality materials, functionality and the unmistakeably strong brand identity of Leica Camera and Sport Optics products delight not only professional and amateur photographers, but also hunters, naturalists and lovers of the great outdoors.

This Camera and Sport Optics Brand Accessories brochure presents a selection of exclusive products that uncompromisingly reflect and carry forward the unique Leica brand personality. On the following pages, brand followers will find everything their hearts could possibly desire.

Explore this exclusive product universe and discover the enormous variety of Leica Brand Accessories. The products illustrated here are available from all participating Leica Stores and Boutiques around the globe.

라이카의 가죽 상품들

각각의 가죽 액세서리는 각고의 노력 끝에 수작업으로 완성되었습니다. 모든 가죽 액세서리는 안식이 있는 고객의 기대를 만족하게 하는 특유의 우아함과 솜씨로 제작되었습니다. 최상질의 내파가죽이 주는 질감과 시각적 느낌은 모든 이의 눈을 즐겁게 합니다. 전면부의 Leica로고와 후면부의 ‘독일 수공업제작’ 품질인증이 표시, 그리고 미묘하게 대비되는 우수한 바느질과 돋을새김 처리된 표면은 Leica만의 차별화된 품격을 완성하는 섬세한 작업을 자랑합니다.

액세서리 라인은 Leica 스토어와 Leica부티크 및 공인된 Leica 판매처에서 구입할 수 있습니다.

노트북 케이스

Moleskine notebook을 포함하여

미학적이면서도 실용적인 디자인의 본 케이스는 섬세한 Leica 브랜드로 동봉된 L 사이즈 Moleskine notebook을 완벽하게 보호합니다. 또한, 우아함을 자랑하는 본 케이스는 부가적인 액세서리를 위한 공간확보에도 용이합니다. 예를 들어, 느슨한 노트는 케이스의 전면부나 후면후 어디든 부착할 수 있습니다. 또한, 본 케이스에는 신용카드와 명함을 보관할 수 있는 두 개의 주머니와 두 개의 SD메모리 카드 주머니가 부착되어 있습니다.

부피: 22 x 14.5 x 2 cm

아이템 번호: 96457

스마트폰 슬립케이스

아이폰 6/6S/7, 화웨이 P9과 화웨이 P9 Plus에 최적화된 디자인

Leica의 고품질 가죽 슬립케이스는 여러분의 최신 아이폰 6/7 및 화웨이 P9/P9 Plus과 같은 귀중한 휴대기기를 흠집과 마모로부터 보호해 줍니다. 슬립케이스의 전면부 커버도 또한 지폐, 신용카드, 명함을 보관할 수 있는 주머니가 부착되어 있습니다. 슬립케이스 후면부의 오목한 부분은 스마트폰 사용의 편의성을 더합니다. 본 특성 덕분에 스마트폰을 슬립케이스에서 분리하지 않고도 기기를 충전할 수 있습니다.

부피:   14.7 x 8.5 x 0.5 cm (아이폰 6/6S/7) (아이템 번호: 96453)

                      15.7 x 8.7 x 0.5 cm (화웨이 P9) (아이템 번호: 96455)

                      16.4 x 9.4 x 0.5 cm (화웨이 P9 Plus) (아이템 번호: 96454)

펜 케이스

1구 또는 3구용 펜 케이스

본 펜 케이스는 주머니나 가방 및 기타 케이스에 넣어 두었다 사용하는 귀중한 필기구를 파손을 야기할 수 있는 여러 상황으로부터 보호하는 매우 멋스러운 해결책을 선사합니다. 1구 펜 케이스는 추가적인 보호를 위해서 부착된 탭으로 밀봉할 수 있습니다. 구분된 부분에 손쉽게 3구까지 보관할 수 있는 멀티 펜 케이스로 귀중한 필기구를 안전하게 보관할 수 있습니다. 

부피:   16.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm (1구 보관) (아이템 번호: 96451)
                      17 x 7 x 0.3 cm (최대 3구 보관) (아이템 번호: 96452)

카드 케이스

우아함과 슬림함을 갖춘 카드 케이스

본 슬림 가죽 카드 케이스는 신용카드와 명함을 안전하게 보관할 수 있는 최적의 해결책 입니다. 우아하면서도 실용적으로 디자인된 본 케이스는 전면부와 후면부를 통틀어 6개의 카드를 보관할 수 있습니다.

부피: 7 x 9.8 x 0.4 cm

아이템 번호: 96456

Augen Auf! Collection

"Augen Auf!" Book

Just in time to mark a milestone birthday of the legendary compact camera, and for the first time in this thematic breadth, this volume with about 1.200 images offers a wide artistic and cultural history of the Leica from the 1920s to the present day. Essays by international authors examine topics including the technical genesis of the Leica, its influence on photojournalism, and its significance for a wide variety of avant-garde currents in art photography. Heretofore unpulished documents from the archives of the Leica Camera AG round off this multifaceted 100-year cultural chronicle.

Language: English | German

ISBN: 978-3-86828-523-9

Article numbers: 97073 (EN) I 97072 (DE)

"Augen Auf!" Postcard Set

Each one more wonderful than the others: this exclusive set contains ten photo postcards and an overview card with works that were shown at the “Augen Auf! 100 Years of Leica Photography” exhibition. The cards show photos by Christer Stroemholm, Toni Schneiders, Josef Makovec, Willi Beutler, Thomas Hoepker, Horst H. Baumann, Julia Baier, Hans Comotio, and Jing Huang.

Article number: 96420

"Augen Auf!" Linen Shoulder Bag

“Augen Auf!” – this black linen shoulder bag is a real eye-catcher on every shopping trip. The black-and-white screen print on the front shows “Nana,” a photo by Christer Stroemholm, the leitmotif image of the “Augen Auf! 100 Years of Leica Photography” exhibition. The Leica logo is printed on the back. Shoulder straps make the high-quality bag particularly practical.

Article number: 96421

"Augen Auf!" Pencil Set

For photographers, the writers with light: each of the three pencils in this exclusive set from Faber-Castell in black-dyed wood features a red eraser and a different photography quote in silver. The quotes originate from the world-famous photographers Thomas Hoepker, Robert Capa, and Ernst Haas, whose works were shown in the “Augen Auf! 100 Years of Leica Photography” exhibition. The card inlay in the gift box also serves as a bookmark.

Article number: 96419

Schedoni for Leica Collection

Schedoni for Leica Accessories

Leather in its most exclusive form: Schedoni, the premium leatherware manufacturer from Modena in Italy, is known for its fine leather trim and accessories and is also a supplier to prominent luxury brands such as Rolls Royce or Ferrari. This unique collection of premium-quality accessories is the result of a collaboration between Leica and Schedoni. The slipcases are handcrafted in Italy from saddle or nubuck leather and provide optimum predection for an iPhone 6, an iPad, credit cards, and business cards. All accessories are supplied in a premium gift box in black.


The elegant Schedoni case predects credit cards or business cards against dirt, marks, and moisture and conveniently offers ample space for three to five cards.
Article number: 96415


The iPad case from Schedoni offers equal measures of extremely elegant style and practicality: its cleverly designed pullout function guarantees fast and safe removal of the iPad at any time. Compatible with iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air2.
Article number: 96416


Every iPhone 6 is perfectly predected in the elegant Schedoni case. And, thanks to its cleverly designed pullout function, is always at hand in a moment. Compatible with iPhone 6/ 6S (Display 4,7").
Article number: 96417

Leica Puzzles

"Ur-Leica" Puzzle

The Ur-Leica – an iconic milestone for every Leica fan. Now you can construct your own: the exclusive 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger shows the “mother of all 35 mm cameras” in a challenging composition for jigsaw fans.

Article number: 96422

Puzzle "100 years of Leica photography"

An entire century of Leica history in a single picture: this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle manufactured exclusively for Leica by Ravensburger shows a mosaic of all serial-production cameras made by Leica over the past 100 years – from the Ur-Leica to the Leica T.

Article number: 96423

Leica T-Shirt Collection

T-Shirt_Bauhaus_960x640 Detail_T-Shirt_white

T-Shirt "Bauhaus"

Anyone wearing this T-shirt reveals their good taste when it comes to design. The classic Leica M camera depicted in Bauhaus style is guaranteed to attract envious looks. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The small right-hand pocket on the back of the T-shirt is ideal for keeping a spare memory card or a lens cap safe and sound.

Article numbers: S 96644, M 96645, L 96646, XL 96647

Tshirt_Elmar lens_960x640 Detail_T-Shirt_white

T-Shirt "Elmar Lens"

The print of the stylised cross-section of a Leica Elmar lens in distinctive colours leaves no doubt that its wearer is a passionate photographer. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The small right-hand pocket on the back of the T-shirt is ideal for keeping a spare memory card or a lens cap safe and sound.

Article numbers: S 96648, M 96649, L 96650, XL 96651, XXL 96671

T-Shirt_100 Jahre_960x640 Detail_T-Shirt_black

T-Shirt "100 Jahre"

A century of Leica history on a T-shirt: the exactingly printed graphic motif merges various different camera models since the Ur-Leica with the personal history of Oskar Barnack. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The small right-hand pocket on the back of the T-shirt is ideal for keeping a spare memory card or a lens cap safe and sound.

Article numbers: S 96654, M 96655, L 96656, XL 96657, XXL 96672

T-Shirt_Blendenskala_960x640 Detail_T-Shirt_black

T-Shirt “Aperture Scale”

The motif on this T-shirt pays homage to the world’s fastest aspherical lens and depicts the aperture scale of the Noctilux-M. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The small right-hand pocket on the back of the T-shirt is ideal for keeping a spare memory card or a lens cap safe and sound.

Article numbers: S 96658, M 96659, L 96660, XL 96661

T-Shirt_Ode an 0.95_960x640 Detail_T-Shirt_black

T-Shirt "Ode to 0.95"

This T-shirt lets wearers express their fascination for a unique lens: its print motif creatively captures and recounts the history of the legendary Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton. The small right-hand pocket on the back of the T-shirt is ideal for keeping a spare memory card or a lens cap safe and sound.

Article numbers: S 96662, M 96663, L 96664, XL 96665

Leica 100 Years collection

Camera familytree poster

This double-sided poster is a source of information and inspiration, whichever way you look at it. One side shows all the Leica cameras ever produced in series since the Ur-Leica in 1914, and the other the family tree of the legendary Leica M. The poster is available in German or English and is packed individually in a white poster tube.

Article number: 94052 (D) I 94053 (EN)

Pin "100 Years"

This pin is both eye-catching and subtle. The black 100 years logo is set in white enamel on a zinc backing and is a stylish eye-catcher on any jacket or gadget bag. The pin has a diameter of some two centimetres and is a limited edition launched to mark 100 years of Leica photography. Made in Great Britain.

Article number: 96695

Key ring pendant "Ur-Leica"

As timelessly elegant as the original, the miniature version of the Ur-Leica as a key ring pendant in precision-cast metal. And it’s made in Germany, too. The base of this finely sculpted replica is engraved with ‘Ur-Leica 1914’ and, on the reverse, with the E. Leitz, Wetzlar logo.

Article number: 96342

Leica Coffee mugs collection

Coffee mug, grey

Pure understatement: The coffee mug in grey from Leica. Thanks to a tight-fitting silicon plastic lid with a drinking slit, it quickly transforms your office coffee into a “coffee to go”. Just clip the lid on to the top of the 210 ml porcelain mug and enjoy your coffee when you are out and about.

Article number:: 96601

Coffee mug "Noctilux-M 50", silver

Silver is the color of moonlight – and this version of the popular black Noctilux-M 50 coffee mug. Its matte silver finish reflects the style of the new, silver anodized version of the Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH. lens. Both its look and feel are strongly reminiscent of the lens: special printing in 3-D relief emulates the lens rings. The mug comes complete with a practical silicone cap for the daily coffee to go.

Article number: 96699

Coffee mug "Noctilux-M 50", black

King of the night: The “Noctilux-M 50” coffee mug. Thanks to a tightfitting silicon plastic lid with a drinking slit, it quickly transforms your office coffee into a “coffee to go”. Just clip the lid on to the top of the 210 ml porcelain mug and enjoy your coffee when you are out and about.

Article number: 96602

Coffee mug "Summarit-S 70"

Keep up your performance with the “Summarit-S 70” coffee mug. Thanks to a tight-fitting silicon plastic lid with a drinking slit, it quickly transforms your office coffee into a “coffee to go”. Just clip the lid on to the top of the 210 ml porcelain mug and enjoy your coffee when you are out and about.

Article number: 96603

Leica Classic collection


Never gets left at home: The grey notebook from Leica. The handy, A5 format has 144 blank pages and offers plenty of space for your ideas, notes and stories. Thanks to its practical size and hard-wearing hard cover, the ideal note book for outdoors.

Article number: 96600


Keeps your keys safe and looks great too: The Leica designed grey key lanyard. The tape is made from tough and hard-wearing Tetoron fabric and features a practical clip and a snap hook in chrome-plated, die-cast aluminum.

Article number: 96606

USB-Wristband 8 GB

A really smart accessory: The grey 8 GB, USB-wristband from Leica is ideal for storing your most wonderful digital moments. The wristband is made from elastic silicon plastic with a raised, embossed Leica logo.

Article number: 96607

Photography and Birding umbrella

Even rainy weather has a few bright sides. Especially with an elegant umbrella in the Leica design. And it’s as rugged as everything else from Leica: the handle and frame are made of high-quality fibreglass and it’s covered with hard-wearing pongee polyester fabric. With a diameter of 1.3 metres, it also offers enough cover for a friend.

Article number: 96609

Baseball Cap

Sportive and chic: The grey Leica baseball cap in used-look finish with the famous red dot as a soft-rubber patch. The cap is made of 100 % pure cotton. Two metal eyelets on each side of the cap keep your head cool and a stiffened peak ensures you always look your best. One size fits all.

Article number: 96612

Leica Brand & Product Accessories

Soft Release Buttons & Pins

Within seconds, the soft-release button increases the size of the release button of your Leica M camera and makes every release easier, thus enhancing shooting comfort. As the button can also be worn on the lapel as a buttonhole pin or as a cuff link, it is a stylish addition to both your cameras and your clothing. It is available in three timeless designs – a classic L eica logo (in red or chrome), a limited, premium edition with the 100 years logo or showing an M reduced to the essentials.

Article numbers: 14016 (chrome, 8 mm) I 14015 (chrome, 12 mm)
Article numbers: 14014 (red, 8 mm) I 14010 (red, 12 mm)

Article numbers: 14018 (8 mm) I 14017 (12 mm)

SD card and credit card holder

This practical case in fine leather is ideal for keeping your memory cards and credit cards safe and sound. Available in a choice of two classic colours, the refined looks of the case are elegantly enhanced by an embossed Leica logo. One side of the removable inner compartment offers space for three memory cards and the other can be used for cleaning the camera monitor screen.

Article numbers: 18538 (black) I 18539 (cognac)

Money clip

This high-gloss money clip is an extremely elegant way to keep your banknotes together. The Leica logo is etched into the premium-quality brass of the clip. Made in Germany.

Article number: 96694

USB Key Ring Pendant "M10“ 16GB

There can’t be a more stylish way to store data like your favourite photos. The USB memory stick in high-quality plastic has space for 16GB of data. The original, highly detailed miniature version of the Leica M10 features a metal tag for easy attachment, for instance on a key ring.

Article number: 96733

Wooden camera

A truly extraordinary Leica camera. The material chosen for this unique model is fine beechwood. Two interchangeable lenses and a mechanical shutter release make for great photographic fun. The design pays homage to the Leica M and the camera comes complete with strap lugs and the legendary Leica red dot. This realistic replica of a Leica, handcrafted in wood in Germany, is something no collection should be without.

Not suitable for children under 14.

Article number: 96689

Leica Books

Buch "Wanderlust"

The best photo books tear us away from our familiar surroundings and send us on a journey to remote areas of the world. This is particularly the case of this impressive photo book, a retrospective of Thomas Hoepker‘s very diverse body of work. Covering 60 years, Wanderlust is a spectacular summary of the work by this photo journalist and former president of the Magnum Photo Agency. Hoepker‘s notable success as a chronicler of world events is reflected in an exemplary archive of images: events of global significance are dealt with with the same aplomb as the striking reality of daily life. This book turns the reader into an eye witness of decisive chapters of world history, such as the cold world, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and September 11th. It is in part because of Hoepker‘s images that these events have become branded in our collective memory.

Language: Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9895-6
Article number: 97061

Book "Leica Myself"

Self-Portraits: they are their own unique photographic phenomenon Immortalising oneself with a camera in the hand. Old, young, big, small, rich or poor. We’re all the same in front of a mirror. Actually only some are the same – the Leica owners. Which model doesn’t matter. This book pays homage to this cult of person with more than 250 self-portraits from all over the world. Bizarre, irreverent, narcissistic, insane, iconographic, but always passionate. “Leica myself” – the immortalization of the Leica logo.

Languages: English | German
ISBN: 978-3-942518-36-9
Article number: 96322

Book "Leica and Zagato: USA collectibles

This is the first book of a fascinating Trilogy conceived by Zagato (1919) and Leica Camera AG (1914). These Trilogy hasn‘t been designed, since the beginning, as pure motoring books. They aim to create a fantastic trip through three Continents and their most characteristic aspects coupling, each time, 33 Zagato collectibles models of its entire story with the technology and massive quality of Leica Camera AG‘s products. In the first stage the multiform landscapes oft he United States play the role oft he predagonist while Zagato cars are simply a further suggestions but, thanks to Leica, they get more and more importance.

Language: English 
ISBN: 978-3-667-10423-6
Article number: 97083

Book "Ninetynineyears"

The book is completely different from what you might have expected. No historical essays, no technical descriptions, no operating instructions. Instead it is a book presenting the emotional highlights of 99 years of fascination with the photographer’s tool that was ingeniously modified in 1914 by Oskar Barnack in a way that changed everything: The view of subjects photographed, as well as the photography in general. The fascinating story of the Barnack 35 mm camera has long been told. Yet its repetition can’t make it any more detailed or fascinating – all this covered in breath-taking design.

300 pages with 700 pictures and illustrations I Format 32,6 × 25,2 × 4,2 cm Hard cover with refined slipcase

Languages: German| English | Portuguese
ISBN: 978-3-942518-32-1 (D) | 978-3-942518-33-8 (EN) | 978-3-942518-34-5 (P)
Article numbers: 96323 (D) I 96324 (EN) I 96325 (PT)

Book "Flash"

With his new title, Flash, Lenny Kravitz makes his mark in a new arena of the creative arts. During his childhood, Kravitz was enthralled by cameras, playing with them like toys instead of taking photographs. In recent years photographer friends taught him the fundamentals of photography by using a Leica. Intrigued by the possibilities, Kravitz began creating his own
works, all of which were marked by close attention to the nuances and effects created by light. As he himself had been endlessly photographed by photographers, paparazzi, and fans, his perspective on aesthetics was decidedly unique. In Flash, he captures the essence of what it‘s like to be a rock star who‘s constantly in the public eye. The result: an intense exploration of the photographer and his subject.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-832732-47-9
Article number: 97060

Leica Sport Optics Accessories

SPO_Cap_Green_960x640 SPO_Cap_Orange_Front_960x640 SPO_Cap_Orange_Back_960x640

Sport optics caps in green and orange

The new, sporty outdoor caps from Leica Sport Optics are available in a choice of green or orange. They are high-quality products manufactured from hard-wearing, 100% cotton fibres. The cap in typical signal orange for driven hunts provides additional safety in the field and when visibility is poor.

Article numbers: green: 96708, orange: 96709

"Outdoor" optical cleaning cloth

The optical cleaning cloth for binoculars and spectacles for outdoor fans is an original from the USA - `Made by Spudz´, the world famous manufacturer of innovative optical cleaning products. When not in use, the small, extremely handy an featherweight optical cleaning cloth is stowed away safe and sound in its own weatherproof neoprene pouch. Clipped to a rucksack or a pair of binoculars, it´s not only ready for use in the flash, it looks really stylish, too.

Article number: 96707

Leica Brand Accessories

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