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The Leitz Park site offers a variety of different venues for staging your event. The relaxed atmosphere of the professional photo studio makes it an ideal creative workspace.

Stage your events at Leitz-Park
Entirely new perspectives

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We provide an exclusive setting for your corporate functions, conferences or any other kind of event.

In the Leitz-Park complex, you have an extremely varied choice of venues – from bright and inviting conference rooms with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, the fascinating World of Leica, the exclusive Leitz Café or the Leica Casino with its outstanding cuisine.

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Call us to discuss your particular needs. We can provide you with perfect solutions for everything from dining to accommodation.

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The Leitz Park Photo Studio
Creative workspace

Top-class equipment, professional lighting and quiet surroundings. In other words, a place that covers every necessity for keen photographers. Have you always wanted to hold a photo shoot in a top-class studio with professional equipment?

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The Leitz-Park photo studio offers you the perfect setting for creative projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Experience a photo shoot you’ll never forget – the results of which will speak for themselves.

We are always pleased to receive enquiries by email to:

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