Leica S-System

A class of its own

디지털 기술 당신의 심장을 뛰게하는 클래식함

라이카 S 시스템은 처음부터 순수한 디지털 카메라 시스템으로 구상되었으며 전문 사진작가의 정확한 요구를 염두에 두고 제작되었습니다.
이 중형 카메라는 눈에 뛰게 쉬운 조작, 극도의 견고함, 뛰어난 영상 화질 및 완벽하게 일치하는 구성을 제공합니다.

  • Intuitive and robust

    The Leica S delights with its robust construction, including dust and splash proofing, superior rubber armouring and intuitive handling, putting all key controls at your fingertips.

  • Less is more

    Compact and functional in design and comparable in size to a 35 mm D-SLR, the Leica S-System with its innovative Leica Proformat Sensor sets benchmark standards in the digital medium-format camera segment.

  • The ultimate in lens performance

    The photographic potential of the system is unlimited with this extensive range of lenses; even more so now that an adapter for Hasselblad H lenses as well as Contax 645 lenses – with a central shutter option for Hasselblad H lenses – is available.

Mark Mann
Working with the Leica S

Reignite your passion for photography with the Leica S. Photographer Mark Mann about working with the Leica S (Typ 007) and extraordinary portraits.


라이카 S3

라이카 S3의 우수함은 전반적인 시스템을 아주 면밀하게 고려한 결과물에서 드러납니다. 모든 개별 구성 요소가 서로 정교하게 맞물리면서 완벽한 하모니를 이루는 상호작용으로 아무도 흉내 낼 수 없는 라이카만의 룩을 만들어냅니다.

전문 포토그래퍼와의 긴밀한 협업을 통해 개발된 라이카 S3는 독보적인 사진 퀄리티 및 뛰어난 유연성은 물론, 단순한 핸들링과 상당한 견고함으로 까다로운 사진 촬영 요구를 완벽하게 만족시켜 드립니다.

· 64 메가픽셀 해상도의 라이카 프로포맷 (ProFormat) 센서

· 최대 ISO 50000까지의 높은 센서 민감도

· 중형 씨네(Cine) 4K 비디오

2019년 봄 출시

Leica S (Typ 007)

With its superior technology and sophisticated ergonomics, the Leica S (Typ 007) masters every photographic challenge quite simply everywhere – on location and in the studio. This is due especially to the unusually fast Leica S-Lenses with focal lengths ranging from 24 to 180mm, the majority of which are available on request with a central shutter.


Leica S-Lenses
In a class of their own

Even the best camera cannot improve on the image its lens delivers. This is why our design engineers always push – and sometimes go beyond – the limits of the technically possible, and never accept compromises.

In the case of the lenses for the S-System, traditional Leica quality is combined with cutting-edge technology.


PoP-2 | APO-Elmar-S 3.5/180 | Briese | 1512x1008 - inkl. Exif
PoP 1 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
PoP 3 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 1 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 5 | S-Vario-Lens | 1512x1008 | incl.Exif Data
Paolo Esposito 3 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 6 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
Paolo Esposito 9 | Summicron 2/100 | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data
PoP 1 - Interieur | Super-Elmar-S 3.5/24 ASPH. | 1512x1008 inkl. Meta Data

Leica S Accessories
Professional equipment for the S-System

Only a diversified line of accessories turns a camera into a system suitable for every need.
From the outset the Leica S-System has a wide range of specially developed technical equipment to adapt the camera system to the photographer’s individual requirements.


S-Magazine | Isabella Lombardini - Digital Feature
S-Magazin | Digital Feature - Off Season - Brix&Maas
S-Magazin |VBP - Digital Feature

S-Magazine online
Art & fashion photography at its best

Digital features, videos, news, editorials & ads: Look no further for the latest internation shootings – shot exclusively with the Leica S.


Leica S-System Service
Advice and support for the

The Leica S-System is distributed exclusively by a network of specially qualified dealers and Leica Stores, which can offer the best possible advice and support for professional photographers.


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