What's going on


2018년.08.16 - 2018년.09.10
Distilling the dichotomy of the old and new in the city that never sleeps with the Leica Q.


2018년.07.26 - 2018년.10.26
For the first time, Leica Galerie Singapore, has rolled out an innovative and bold exhibition that showcases work of two photographers from completely different backgrounds.


2018년.02.13 - 2018년.05.29
Exhibiting for the first time in South East Asia, Nikos Economopoulos will be showing his early work in and around the place that he calls home.

City of Love

2017년.12.08 - 2018년.01.31
This festive season we present photographs by Elliott Erwitt, legendary photographer, longtime Magnum-member and master of the subtle art of wit.


2017년.11.09 - 2017년.12.06
Leica Galerie Singapore invites you to the gallery exhibition of "Undercurrents" (1999 - 2008) – an exhibition on a collection of short stories by award-winning photographer Ian Teh from his first book. Throughout countless journeys over a decade within China, he offers a glimpse of another life and another world rarely seen.

Capturing The Beauty Of The Earth, Humans And Nature With The Leica S And Leica SL

2017년.09.29 - 2017년.11.08
The interaction with light and technology was what Oliver Vogler has always attracted to photography. Always at the limit of the photographic possibilities and to exceed these limits, as well as the immensely high demands on the imaging line of Leica lenses, these are exactly the reasons to use the Leica Professional System.

The Straits Times Big Picture By Leica

2017년.09.07 - 2017년.09.28
The exhibition showcases a series of unique moments in Singapore in a 24-hour period captured by ST photojournalists.

A Personal Vision: Space, Lights, Colours And People

2017년.08.18 - 2017년.09.06
Bugani has created a colourful series of complex pictures with a strong alternation and interaction of bright light and deep shadows.

Memories of Istanbul

2017년.06.23 - 2017년.07.31
A rare opportunity to glimpse renown photographer Ara Güler's famed works.

Odyssey: Picturing and Imagining the Okavango Delta

2017년.01.13 - 2017년.02.05
Discover the breathtaking photos captured during a two-week expedition in the marshlands and plains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.